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With a rich background in the construction industry and a proven track record as a reliable building expert witness, I bring a unique blend of trade expertise and quantitative skills to each case. Learn more about my journey below:


This YouTube clip illustrates a range of projects

A small sample of pictures I have taken on jobs where I have been the site manager randomly chosen. Remote locations to residential Perth.

It illustrates the range of jobs I have successfully handed over on time and on budget.

You can’t make someone do a good job, the role of the site manager is to get everyone wanting to do their best job.

It’s a colourful industry with lots of characters.

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Harnessing Trade Expertise and Quantitative Skills for Legal Resolutions

As an expert witness with a trade background and extensive Construction Estimating experience, my services become indispensable when the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) considers a monetary award instead of an order to remedy. In the task of quantifying costs, the unique actuarial skills derived from my Quantity Surveyor (QS) background play a pivotal role. My specialized mathematical proficiency enables me to provide reasoned assessments of cost probabilities, offering valuable insights that complement legal perspectives. Calculating the likely cost of construction is a routine aspect of my professional life as a construction estimator, involving an intuitive application of risk factors. This distinctive combination of trade expertise and quantitative skills positions me, as a building expert witness with a QS background, as a bridge between the technical intricacies of construction and the legal considerations of the SAT. It ensures a well-rounded perspective that proves valuable when navigating disputes and determining equitable resolutions.

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