‘If justice is not accessible to ordinary Australians, the rule of law becomes mythical.’

The Honourable Wayne Martin AC, Chief Justice of Western Australia (2012)

Here is a small sample of pictures I have taken on jobs where I have been the site manager randomly chosen. Remote locations to residential Perth.

It illustrates the range of jobs I have successfully handed over on time and on budget.

You can’t make someone do a good job, the role of the site manager is to get everyone wanting to do their best job.

It’s a colourful industry with lots of characters.

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Formal Dispute Resolution is the Celibate Priest’s view on marital problems.

I don’t think ex-cops are the right people to be issuing Building Remedy Orders. (BRO’s) They don’t go to site and see how exaggerated some claims actually are. We have all had disputes over jobs that later won a Building Excellence Award.

I was driving back from Geraldton years ago in a 1970 VW Beetle and a cop car passed going the other way. He turned around caught up and stopped me. He said I was doing 140 when we passed. I said this car couldn’t do 140 but he said it was. I said you drive it and see if you can get it to go 140 because I never have. He gave me the ticket. A few days later came the fine with his statement. I asked Mr. Morton why he was doing 140 Kph in a 110 limit to which he replied “I was in a hurry” so I issued the fine.

The Police should be made to tell the truth as a job condition.

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