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Sorrento Beach at sunset is a lot nicer place to be than a day at the SAT

Building Remedy Orders

CCA (2004) Adjudication

The SAT and the Courts

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You can not be charged a variation for material or labour increases on a fixed price contract (required by lending institutions) end of.

The Home Building Contracts Act 1991 Part 2 s. 14 clearly states “A builder must not enter into a cost plus contract with an owner for the performance of home building work unless the contract is in writing and the written contract has a heading at the beginning that includes the words COST PLUS CONTRACT.”

We setup 8m Building as a cost effective paralegal service to deal with building complaints. These are building complaints dealing with the Home Building Contracts Act 1992 (HBCA) and the Building Services (Complaint Resolution and Administration) ACT 2011(BSCRA)

We also apply for adjudication for an overdue payment under the provisions of the Construction Contracts Act 2004 (CCA)

This is a stand alone piece of legislation set up for dealing with payment disputes only, and is separate from the building contract you have with your clients and the above mentioned Acts.

These are all simple Acts and the amount of claim is not not usually serviced by the legal profession, but nevertheless need attention if you want to get paid.

8m’s primary role will always be dispute prevention and we have a bundle of tools in our toolbox to prevent things “getting out of hand”.

Perth being the second longest city in the world makes it unreasonable to request a trade to nip back to Yanchep, from Mandurah to attend to a 10 minute task. This is especially so, when the trade will be returning to the project in a couple of weeks anyway.

Potential Building Disputes can often be diffused with good comunication. We are only a phone call away..,If you need something urgently we are always on hand.

Most people work on wages for someone else so they seldom see the inside of a Court. It can be quite intimidating. The SAT was meant to be an informal friendly place but it ended up as formal as the rest with 3 members hearing the case lasting all day. This is why it’s important to define the dispute. The serenity to change the things you can, accept the things you can’t and the wisdom to know the difference. This applies to both sides. No point arguing half a day over $10. Time is money.

Site Meetings

Often the building process can be quite unnerving for people, strange men moving around the site with gadgets and machinery doing odd tasks with funny looking bits of stuff. To them, an everyday building process, (especially incomplete) can look awry and as a result, they will seek reassurance by obtaining a building report from an “independent building inspector” which doesn’t help, in fact it can achieve the opposite.

With your approval 8m will arrange a site meeting. Our presence usually allays any fears and consequently, the project continues as normal.

The Difficult Client

A small percentage of the population is unreasonable and demanding and it’s best if you can avoid them at all costs. (usually your’s) Every builder “draws the  short straw” now and again, this time it just happened to be your turn. Quite often your dealings will be with only one of the parties to the agreement, meeting their partner for the first time at the contract signing.

You’ve probably already thrown money at the job in the hope they’ll “get off your case”, but that only ever buys time, not the resolution. We will ensure the project presents well and all the documentation is indisputably impeccable. If there is any problem with the workmanship, we will advise you so you can remedy in good time. Workmanship disputes take forever and we are here to guarantee you are on the winning team.

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